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Neurological physiotherapy for developmental delay

The neurological physiotherapists at Liverpool Neuro Physio commonly treat conditions such as developmental delay.

What is developmental delay?

Developmental delay is an umbrella term. Developmental delay describes development that is below what is expected. There are certain milestones that a child is expected to reach by certain ages and if they take longer to reach them they may have developmental delay. Delay may occur in the following areas

There are two types of developmental delay they include:

Global developmental delay

This is delay in two or more areas (e.g. speech and motor)

Specific development delay

Delay in one area only (e.g. speech only)

Physiotherapy can be beneficial for anyone suffering from developmental delay. Physiotherapists can help to teach normal movement whilst taking into consideration any delay your child may have. Physiotherapy helps children with developmental delay reach physical developmental milestones.

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Effects of developmental delay

Developmental delay can have different effects on different individuals depending on the type of developmental delay they may have. There are a wide range of symptoms that may be related to developmental delay but this depends on the nature of it. The symptoms will vary depending on the type of delay which the individual is suffering from. Some of the symptoms include the following:

Speech and language delay

due to the part of their brain not functioning correctly it could be the part of the brain that deals with speech and language. If this is affected it can affect the way the brain deals with speech and language resulting in problems with and individuals speech and language development.


this is very closely related to speech and language delay

Muscular dysfunction

Children with other neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy may suffer from muscular dysfunction if they have developmental delay. The oral muscles may not be able to work effectively to produce speech.

Motor delay

Early motor delays are a sign of neurological dysfunction. Decreased muscle tone (hypotonia) is usually present in those who have motor delay.

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Physiotherapy for developmental delay

Specialist physiotherapists at Liverpool Neuro Physio will work together your child so they get the most out of their treatment. Family /parents and carers can be involved with the treatment so that they know how to help. Physiotherapists will aim to maximise your child's physical development as much as possible. At Liverpool Neuro Physio they will have a good insight into how children develop physically and will have many ways that will be beneficial to you helping your child to develop. Some of their physiotherapy treatment might include:

A child suffering from developmental delay can benefit from physiotherapy greatly. The physiotherapist will work closely with your child to maximise their ability to continue with normal functioning other children their age are pursuing. At Liverpool Neuro Physio our physiotherapists believe it is important for you as a family member /carer to understand your child's delay and how to help to maximise their therapy. Physiotherapy will play a major part in helping your child achieve their developmental potential.

Your physiotherapist will help your child with normal daily activities that may take them longer then a 'normal' child to do. The physiotherapist understands physical problems your child may experience. At Liverpool Neuro Physio the physiotherapist will work closely with your child to work on developing milestones they are having difficulties with.

The physiotherapists understand that treatment sessions aren't always a thing that children find interesting so they have adapted methods to make the sessions more fun and enjoyable for your child. Teaching them functional activities but making them more appealing to your child. This could include using the pool for hydrotherapy, using or making games that incorporate treatment into them. This will make the treatment more exciting for your child so they will want to continue with physiotherapy and you will benefit by seeing their improvements.

The physiotherapist will aim to help your child develop to their maximum potential. Your child's physiotherapist understands that you want the best for you child and want them to be as independent as possible whilst having fun and being able to interact with other children without the worry that they may be 'different'. At Liverpool Neuro Physio the physiotherapists have treated other children with the same or similar problems so have a good understanding of your concerns.

To arrange an appointment or to speak to one of our specialists, call us on 0151 558 0188 or email office@liverpoolneurophysio.co.uk.

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